Wedding Gown Preservation

The memories don’t fade. Why should your dress?

Wedding Gown Preservation – Cleaning – Repair

One of your most cherished possessions is your wedding gown, but they take a beating on the big day. Spills, stains, rips and tears will happen, but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep your dress looking like it did when you first put it on. We’re here for you to restore and preserve it and help you make sure it lasts as long as your memories do.

Our process is available for all wedding dresses and accessories, or any other treasured garments you want to stand the test of time.

  • Dresses and Gowns
  • Tiaras & Head pieces
  • Garters
  • Gloves
  • Handkerchiefs
  • Shoes
  • Vintage Clothing
  • Christening Gowns
  • Couture Items


We start with a complete inspection and testing of your gown, along with any accessories that you include.  We provide you with a report detailing the condition of the dress at the start of the process. This will outline the condition of your dress at the time we received it, itemize repairs that were made, and detail the cleaning, restoration and storage process.

Special Treatment

Professional, skillful care and delicate handling is given to your gown during the cleaning, restoration and preservation. After we complete the initial process, we will inspect your gown again and treat any lingering stains, ensuring it is in like-new condition.

Boxed and Thermo-Sealed

After the cleaning and restoration is complete, you can opt to have your dress and accessories preserved in our handsome display box.  It’s easy to store and convenient for showing off to your friends or when you feel like revisiting the memories. Your gown is carefully packaged with acid-free tissue paper and is thermo-sealed to protect it from dust and fading.

All items that are boxed and sealed come with a lifetime warranty.


Please contact us today to speak to one our staff members with any questions.

You must be satisfied or we will make it right.

We take pride in our work and we sincerely  want you to be satisfied with every order.  If at any time our performance is not up to your standards, please let us know as promptly as possible and we will happily do whatever it takes to make things right.